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Boatwise was founded in 1990 by Captains Rick & Sue Kilborn with the objective of offering affordable, convenient and quality education to the boating public.

Captains Rick and Sue Kilborn and their staff of
22 instructors invite you to call or email.

Boatwise pioneered the "1 day" class concept in boating education when the only available classes at the time were traditionally held over 9 to 13 weeks of 2 hour weeknight sessions. Growing very fast in popularity due to the convenience and superior quality of the professional education, Boatwise was soon a household name associated with expertise in boating.

In the mid 1990's, the USCG approached a number of chosen schools in the country, asking them to author a curriculum and testing series leading to the 6-pak and Masters licenses.

Boatwise was one of the first in the country to have its curricula & test approved by the USCG National Maritime Center in Washington, to substitute for their own testing processes for these licenses.

Boatwise is now one of the largest private Marine Training schools of its type on the east coast.

With a staff of 22 professional and USCG Licensed instructors across New England, Boatwise annually teaches thousands of boaters the necessary skills to operate with safety and skill out on the water. Boatwise Instructors hold USCG Licenses from Master 100 Gross Ton through Master 1600 Gross Ton and several are academy graduates.

The Boatwise USCG approved OUPV and Master's Courses are widely known for their educational content. Boatwise prides itself in not being a "diploma factory" like some of the other courses carrying the "approved" label. We believe in educating the student so they have the knowledge to stay safe on the water.

It is also important to note that the Boatwise USCG Master's License class was approved as a 10 credit course at Northern Essex Community College in Massachusetts demonstrating the quality of the training and course content. This curriculum is held at the Haverhill, MA campus during both fall and spring semesters.

Boatwise also founded the free popular web site database www.callacaptain.com, offering all levels of boaters access to professional Captains to help them with on the water training and vessel deliveries.

Boatwise has solid history working with a number of federal, state and local government agencies to help bring their department staff to a higher skill level. Some of the agencies are: NOAA, National Marine Fisheries Service, Environmental Protection Agency, US Navy, Anteon Corporation, Northshore (MA) Harbormasters Association, Portsmouth, NH Fire Dept., Hampton, NH Fire Department, Winthrop,MA Fire Dept., Scituate (MA) Harbormasters Association, Commonwealth Corporation, Mass Work Investment Act (WIA) career retraining, Maine Career Centers (WIA), Portland USCG Small Boat Handling course and more. We are also contracted annually by the major Regional Yacht Clubs across New England for training.

Maptech Corporation, worldwide producer of charts and touch screen chart navigation systems, has contracted Boatwise exclusively, to conduct the training in New England for its high profile "Red Carpet Program". This training includes instruction on the high end electronic navigation systems offered as part of Sea Ray's sales package on their 40 to 65 ft vessels.

You will find Boatwise instructors to be frequent speakers at all the major boat shows and when the large east coast boat dealers are looking for quality training for important customers, you'll find them calling Boatwise to supply it.



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