Boatwise offers US Coast Guard approved Captain's license courses (NO TEST WITH THE USCG).

  • In addition to the expert instruction provided, all our license classes include no charge application assistance, extra help during classes, and no charge for re-tests.

Most classes fill up so all interested parties are encouraged to reserve their seats early. Please check out our Class Schedules and Locations.

  • USCG approved Master 100 Gross Ton License classes
    The USCG Masters License allows the holder to operate inspected vessels as well as uninspected vessels. Any vessel that is certified (authorized) by the USCG to carry more than 6 paying passengers plus crew must have a Captain who holds a Masters license. Ferry boats, harbor tours boats, whale watch boats are examples of inspected vessels.

  • USCG approved Master 100 Gross Ton Upgrade License classes
    The Master 100 GT Upgrade provides an opportunity for the holder of an OUPV (6 pak) license to raise their grade to a Master level license. The Masters License allows the holder to operate inspected vessels as well as uninspected vessels. The Masters License is required by the USCG for any inspected vessel certified to carry more than 6 paying passengers.

  • USCG approved OUPV (6 pak) Captain's License classes
    Boatwise wants to make sure that all students signing up for the OUPV class (6-pak) understand the USCG requirements for the license. They are briefly reviewed below. If you have any questions or have any unusual health issues, we recommend you follow up with the USCG Regional Exam Center in Boston at or call 1-888-IASKNMC (888-427-5662 to ensure that you are qualified to hold the license. Examples of health issues are color blindness, hearing loss, heart attack or hypertension health history.

  • USCG approved Launch Operator's License classes
    The USCG requires all launch operators to be licensed. This 2 day class substitutes for the USCG exam and includes a Safe Boating certificate and USCG applications.

US Coast Guard License Applications and Forms

You may download all the required forms here [these are all .pdf format documents. You need an Adobe Reader installed on your computer to read these files. [If you need an Adobe Reader, click here]:

Please click here to be redirected to the USCG website where the following forms can be found on the right side of the page:

  • Application Checklist - Easy Checklist
  • Application for Merchant Mariner Document (MMD), License, or Certificate of Registry - Form CG-719b
  • Merchant Marine Personnel Physical Examination Report - Form CG-719k
  • DOT/USCG Periodic Drug Testing Form - Form CG-719P
  • Small Vessel Sea Service Form - Form CG-719s
  • Vision, Hearing & Diabetes Criteria - Waivers/Disclaimers
  • Boundary Line Points - Maine to New York


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