USCG OUPV (6-PAK) Boatwise License Classes

Boatwise wants to make sure that all students signing up for the OUPV class (6-pak) understand the USCG requirements for the license. They are briefly reviewed below. If you have any questions or have any unusual health issues, we recommend you follow up with Boatwise, email or call 1-888-IASKNMC (888-427-5662) to ensure that you are qualified to hold the license. Examples of health issues are color blindness, hearing loss, heart attack or hypertension health history.

The USCG has approved the Boatwise OUPV, Masters & Masters Upgrade curriculum to substitute for the USCG exams.

Upon completion of our 56 hour OUPV (6-PAK) License class, the student studies the materials at his/her own pace and returns to take our test generally 2 weeks following course completion. After successfully passing the 4 sections of our multiple choice exam, the student receives a certificate which, with the complete application, may be submitted for the OUPV License.

What is the OUPV License?

The USCG "Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels" License allows the holder to Captain uninspected vessels up to 100 gross tons (about 75-90 feet long). Most pleasure vessels are in the uninspected vessel category due to the materials and method of construction. As such, these vessels are limited to 6 paying passengers plus crew - hence the term "6-pak". The OUPV License is issued in two forms:

OUPV Inland License - Requires at least 360 days experience in the operation of vessels. 90 of the 360 days must be in the last 3 years. Experience gained prior to the age of 16 will not be counted.

This license is good on vessels to 100 gross tons.

  • This license is restricted to operation within the Boundary Lines ( as described in the USCG application package) excluding the Great Lakes. This license is good on uninspected vessels to 100 gross tons.
  • This license can be upgraded to a OUPV Near Coastal once you have achieved 90 days experience outside the Boundary Lines.

OUPV Near Coastal - This license also requires at least 360 days experience in the operation of vessels, 90 of which must be gained outside the Boundary Lines.

90 of the 360 days must be in the last 3 years. Experience gained prior to the age of 14 will not be counted. This license is good on vessels to 100 gross tons and out to 100 nautical miles. NOTE: Experience can be counted on your own vessel. A letter and proof of ownership are required. Experience on other persons' vessels can also be counted however, a letter from the owner to a sea service form signed by the owner must accompany the application verifying experience claimed and vessel details.

What are the USCG 6-Pak requirements?

The primary requirements are:
  • Age 18 or over
  • 360 days underway experience
  • 90 of those days in the last 3 years
  • Physical, drug test and eye exam
  • Valid CPR/First Aid card to Valid CPR/First Aid card (American Red Cross, Heart Assoc. or USCG Approved course)
  • Completion of the USCG exam OR
  • Completion of a USCG approved course like the BOATWISE OUPV class
  • Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC Card )

USCG OUPV (6-PAK) Tuition is $1,095.00 (includes all materials, instruction, testing fees)
Subject Modules (1 day sessions) may be taken by themselves as standalone reviews without taking the whole curriculum at a tuition rate of $150.00 per day (includes that modules materials/text information). This applies to those people studying on their own for the USCG exam and wanted, forexmaple, to take attend the 'Rules of the Road' session.

Unless noted, all class hours are: weekend days (8:30 am 5:30 pm) and Tuesday & Thursday evenings (6:00 pm 10:00 pm)

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